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Preventing Lost Potential™

From the heart of Iowa City to the Mississippi River, the power of potential stretches wide. Together we can empower brighter futures through art, music and athletics.
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We Are HAVlife™

Full of athletic aspirations, musical passions, and artistic talents, dreamers ages 10 to 15 have a zest for life that runs deep. Unfortunately for some, financial burdens and life’s obstacles trump ambition, leaving dreams untouched and potential lost. Through local school systems, community organizations and generous individuals, HAVlife™ works with these individuals to Prevent Lost Potential!
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HAVlife™ Mission

We seek to Prevent Lost Potential in youth ages 10 to 15 through the support of participation in athletics, music and the arts. In 2017 HAVlife™ impacted 945 in the areas of sports, music and the arts.

945 Youth Impacted

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HAVlife™ Vision

We exist to allow all youth to experience life to the fullest—increasing exposure to positive community influences and enhancing the development of a positive and confident approach to citizenship.
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HAVlife™ Chapters

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HAVlife™ Quad Cities

Learn how our HAVlife™ Quad Cities chapter is Preventing Lost Potential™ in youth through music, art and athletics!
young girl stretching in her Ballet outfit funded by HAVlife

HAVlife™ Johnson County

HAVlife™ Johnson County is our newest HAVlife™ chapter! Learn how to apply for grants, give, and get involved!
young girl smiling and painting in an art class funded by HAVlife

HAVlife™ Tri–States

Prevent Lost Potential with HAVlife™ Tri-States! Learn how you can play a part in empowering bright futures through music, art, and athletics!
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